Industrial Sourcing Plant  Asset Management  Redefined Industrial Sourcing Plant  Asset Management  Redefined


Are your systems designed to capture categorized data? Do you have too many suppliers? Is your buying leverage in the marketplace less than ideal? Is product standardization a challenge?
If so, we can help.
  Professional procurement services allow our customers to focus on their core business functions while we focus on the strategic, tactical and on-going category management associated with Operations and Maintenance . We can do this while operating either on the customer's ERP system or utilizing our system, providing both product and service, or strictly services. Advanced EDI, XML, punch out, and e-commerce solutions can be integrated into the overall program.
Operations & Maintenance Procurement Services
Strategic Sourcing Tactical Purchasing Category Management
Leverage purchase power Reduce transaction cost Supplier performance management
Focused savings realization Emergency procurement Vendor qualification
Data aggregation analysis Replenishment Market intelligence
Benchmarked price deflation One-time buys Forecasting
Supply base rationalization Speed to response Trend analysis
Direct manufacturer relationships Service focus & Aggressive expediting Spend and source compliance
Negotiated contractual pricing Supports sourcing plan Product standardization