Industrial Sourcing Plant  Asset Management  Redefined Industrial Sourcing Plant  Asset Management  Redefined


Logistics efficiency is the key in today’s dynamic trade patterns. International supply chains are an ever more prominent feature of global commerce. Today’s sourcing strategy is based on best product at the right price. Geographic and custom boundaries play no much role in getting access to best sourcing plan. The production of manufactured goods is organized increasingly through global value or supply chains, with goods being processed (value being added) in multiple countries that are part of the chain. Plants in each country specialize in specific processing activities that make up a final product. One implication is that more than half of world trade today comprises intermediate inputs. For the world as a whole, the import content of exports has been estimated to be about 30%
MAYRAIN with its understanding of the logistics industry and deep developed contacts we can provide world class solutions to your sourcing logistics.
  • Global sourcing processes:standardized workflow, RFP management, preshipment tracking, vendor capacity management, ELC calculation at sourcing level, factory certification, product testing, vendor management.
  • Merchandising:product strategy and development, assortment planning, samples management, PO/vendor approvals..
  • Import logistics processes:carrier assignment, container management, logistics event management, compliance management, freight claim processing, customs document management, imaging and record retention.
  • Finance processes:financial instrument management, product invoice /payment management, records management, estimated versus actual landed cost analysis, service provider invoice / payment and automated audit.
We at MAYRAIN intend to develop and own a world class Port and Logistics terminal with customer friendly tax and work regime.