Industrial Sourcing Plant  Asset Management  Redefined Industrial Sourcing Plant  Asset Management  Redefined


Robust vibration monitoring of plant conditions ensures early warning of malfunctions, process restrictions and degradation of equipment. Integrated Operations Asset Management system is a common infrastructure to integrate maintenance data from individual systems and utilize it to minimize deferment with early warning. Maintenance cost is also optimized by enabling condition based monitoring ensuring pro-active maintenance. In addition advanced applications with real time data provides a further source of high-value process knowledge for the process engineer to make the right decisions at the right time.
As more major machinery are powered electrically, use of power from shore for fixed installations is extended and electrical systems are becoming more complex and more critical condition monitoring of an integrated electrical and mechanical system is getting increasingly important.
Some of the benefits of asset management and condition monitoring are:
Increased Safety Improved efficiency Minimized environmental impact
Optimized process uptime Reduced maintenance costs Increased profits
Improved Process Knowledge